Taking 2020 Beyond ALL Limits


It’s hard to believe that 2019 has come and gone. By now, you already have a solid list of goals that you would like to accomplish in 2020. While you have your eyes set on doing big things in the new year, it is equally as important to recognize what can knock you off of your path to success. Below are nine practices that will hinder your gateway to success, and tips on how you can jump over any obstacles, challenges, and problems and live your life by design in the new year.

  1. Why do we obsess over what others think of us? Every day we fixate on how others will analyze our every decision. What will people think of my business plan? Are they questioning my parenting skills? Do they think I’m working hard enough? When you let the opinions of others consume you, that negativity distracts you from your goals, and ultimately, your success. If you believe strongly in what you’re doing and how you are doing it, the opinions of others shouldn’t matter. What really matters is that you stay on track and focus on your goals! In this next decade, I challenge you to spend less time trying to please others and more time focusing on the steps needed to lead you to success.

  2. Although social media is a great marketing outlet, it can also be a roadblock on the path to your goals. Wasting time on social media and obsessing over frivolous things will not align with your business success. When not being used for good, social media can be a black hole of toxicity. The less time we spend focusing on it, the more time we can spend on living the life we deserve and focusing on our business plan

  3. If you do not know who your inner circle is, I challenge you to find them and embrace them in 2020. Find your tribe and lean on them, while offering the same in return. Not asking for help and support from the people in your inner circle is a disservice to you and your business. Recently, I read Big Potential by Shawn Achor, and he discussed a topic that truly resonated with me. Achor asked, “who is louder in your life, the negative or positive people?”. Achor declares that the people who state their position the loudest, typically have the most influence in your life. If the negative people in your life state their position the loudest, it is time to consider if this is the type of influence you want in your life. Surround yourself with individuals who strive to live their life by design and encourage others to do the same.

  4. Blaming everyone instead of looking within when a problem arises is a practice that must be abandoned in 2020. Recognize your challenges and what has led to them and internalize how you can fix them or what you can do in the future to ensure these problems do not happen again. Lastly, stop blaming the world for your failures. Strive to get better every day and recognize that you cannot fix issues overnight. What you focus on is bound to get repeated. Let’s go into 2020 with an “if it’s meant to be, it’s up to me” mindset.

  5. To keep your ambitions at the forefront of your life, it is crucial to set an intention each and every day. Failing to establish a plan for your day is failing to focus on your goals. Your intention has to be your mindset. When you focus on your goals every day, you will see this repetition will deliver positive rewards.

  6. Spending time with the wrong people will discourage you from focusing on your goals and success. The wrong people can have the wrong business ethics and can be a costly distraction. As business leaders, it is important to have a “we” mentality instead of an “I” mentality. Still, it is equally as important to surround yourself with like-minded and positive people. The right people in your life will be beacons of positivity and a pentacle of praise. Invest in the positive people who invest in you.

  7. In 2020, I challenge you to read a book a month. Did you know the average CEO reads 60 books a year? Whether you are physically reading a book or listening to an audio version, the knowledge acquired from reading is valuable. Not reading books that help you level up will leave you stuck in a place and unable to grow. Knowledge is power, and the power that books give is unmatched. Three books that I recommend to start you off are Start With Why by Simon Sinek, Dare to Lead by Brene Brown, and Your One Word by Evan Carmichael. Each of these books offers heaps of knowledge that will grow your mind and help you to stay positive and successful.

  8. The quote “you are your own worst enemy” is especially true when you are a business owner. Being hard on yourself all day, every day does not serve a definite purpose in life. All too often, I see people who are hard on themselves by comparing themselves to other people. As business leaders, it is crucial to recognize that you should not compare your chapter 2 to someone else’s chapter 10. Comparison is the thief of joy and success. Identify your challenges, work to improve, and don’t beat yourself up if changes don’t happen overnight.

  9. Only you know your hopes and dreams, and you owe it to yourself to chase them. Living the life that others expect of you will not serve you positively. Stop worrying about what others want or expect from you. This is your life; do not let others dictate it. Everything starts with a mindset, and it’s up to you to strive to live your life by design.

As we strive for success, there will inevitably be obstacles and challenges ahead. But, when you put the work in, you can bypass any problem that comes your way. Go into 2020 with 20/20 vision and a mindset of what you want your life to be like. It’s time to stop avoiding success and time to start living life by design.