Mindset Makeover

The mind is a powerful thing. It allows you to invent, create, experience, and ultimately form decisions that will impact you each and every day. But the life you live is only as good as your mindset, and that’s why it’s important to think positively no matter what obstacles life may throw your way. As business owners, we must make sure that our mind is right in order to lead others professionally and effectively. When a negative or destructive mindset consumes us, we project it on to others—our team members, employees and those who choose to do business with us. Sometimes, we need to check-in with ourselves and reset our mindset.

Change Your Approach

As business leaders, we must change our approach based on who we’re dealing with. A quality of a great leader is recognizing that not everyone will work the same way as you and what works for one person, won’t always work for another. For example, how you work with a team member who has been in the business for five years will not be the same way you work with a new Consultant that has recently joined the business. While some team members may join the business and immediately see success, others might need a little extra push and motivation to succeed. One important thing to remember in changing your approach is to be clear on exactly what you need and how to achieve this goal.

Empowering Beliefs

As we head into 2020, I have been contemplating how I can serve others differently in the new year. I’ve found that these empowering beliefs have guided many of the decisions I’ve made:

    • I believe in myself and there’s always a way.
    • I speak what I want until I see it in my life.
    • I take action.
    • I focus and clear my mind anytime I choose.
    • I move forward with the strengths I have.
    • I choose to be courageous.
    • I am living my vision.
    • I am in control of the words I speak.
    • I see the good in others and in all situations.
    • I am calm and peaceful.
    • I have a plan and I’m moving forward.
    • All I need is within me now. I create my own destiny.

The way you speak to yourself is important. When you give yourself words of encouragement and affirmation, you are telling yourself that you matter, and your dreams are possible. Focus and clear your mind in order to take action. Listen to the words that you tell yourself. If these words are negative, change your mindset and think positively going forward in order to live the life you desire.

How can you work to make your life more refined? Everyday matters and remember your thoughts (positive and negative) can rule your life.

Choose to have the life you want to live.  The years go by quickly and you cannot waste a second on a mindset that will not positively benefit you.

Life is tough, but so are you. Change you approach and take action in order to live the life that you deserve to life!