The Keys to Winning Love Month

January 28, 2020

And just like that, it’s almost the biggest and busiest time of the year: love month. This is our Super Bowl! It’s game time and staying focused is the key to winning this season.

Building Healthy Relationships

To have a healthy relationship with others, you must first have a healthy relationship with yourself. As business owners, I know it can be tough to focus on yourself. You are frequently being pulled in many different directions, and sometimes that doesn’t give you much time to focus on yourself. Make yourself a priority and then make it a priority to communicate to your loved ones that you need time to focus on you. No one is more worthy of your love and time than you are. Love yourself wholeheartedly so that you can freely give that love to others. 

Communication is Key

All great relationships start with exceptional communication. Proper communication, or lack thereof, is the difference between building trust with a client or breaking it. By having open and honest conversations, you are creating healthy relationships and letting the others know that you trust them and care about their opinions. When we are vulnerable or have an uncomfortable conversation with someone, it allows that relationship to flourish and opens the door for even better communication in the future. Let’s make this a world where we aren’t afraid to have conversations that might be deemed as uncomfortable.

Don't Check-Up, Check-In

In all relationships, it is vital to give the other person space to be able to be independent. But it’s important to remember that giving them space to grow and fly is not giving them space to fail. Let people branch out, experience life, and find the best versions of themselves. As they live their lives and you live yours, always remember, don’t check-up, check-in. Never tell others how to run their business or their life, but keep the lines of communication open and check-in to let people know you’re there if they need you. If you are asked for advice, and it is not well received, respect that person’s opinion! Healthy relationships require mutual respect in all forms. Lastly, let those in your life know that you are checking in because you care about them, not because you want to interject on their path. Most relationships fail because of failed expectations, so be sure to set a precedent in all relationships immediately.

Forgive, But, Don’t Forget

Another way to build healthy relationships is by forgiving others who have wronged you. There is a magnitude of ways that others will hurt you in this lifetime. Whether physical, mental, or emotional, don’t carry around this burden of hurt. And, as necessary as it is to forgive others, don’t forget to forgive yourself as well! If you make a mistake, forgive yourself and move forward. Learn from your wrongdoings and be sure not to repeat the same patterns and behaviors over and over again, because you will likely get the same results. Break through your harmful patterns to live your life by design. 

Ultimately, You Come First

To thine own self be true. As we head into the busiest month of the year, always remember that you come first. As important as it is to establish relationships with others, it is more important to have a healthy relationship with yourself. Cater to yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Once you understand and embrace the process of supporting yourself first, then you can support others. It is much easier to lead others once you are aware of how to lead yourself. Stay committed, stay focused, and don’t give up!

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