Control Your Choices

March 31, 2020

When was the last time you did something for yourself? No, I’m not talking about things you do for yourself AND your family—I mean personal time where you take a moment to breathe, reflect, and relax amidst all the chaos! This can include taking a walk by yourself or sitting down with a cup of tea and a new book. Now more than ever, it’s important to have these small moments to yourself. To give your best to others, you have to give yourself the best first. As we end March and head into April, I encourage you to take control of the way you think about self-care and pay attention to its impact on your business. This one simple element could be the driving force you need to keep pushing forward and make crucial business decisions.  

Faith Over Fear

Both faith and fear may sail into your harbor, but only allow faith to drop anchor.”

As a business owner, you’ve likely had to adapt your business significantly over the last few weeks. You might’ve changed the way your business operates and learned new ways to communicate with your friends, family, customers, and team. But one thing that often comes with change is fear. All of us are born with two fears—loud noises and falling. Everything else is merely false evidence appearing real. The only way to thrive in difficult times is by facing fear head-on. Instead of letting fear consume you, turn it into motivation to push yourself beyond all limits.

You will always have two choices: faith or fear? Which of these do you want to win in your life? If you feed fear, faith loses. If you feed faith, fear loses. If you believe things will always get better and that, with hard work and perseverance, you’ll be successful—I encourage you to feed your faith. Have the confidence to fight the odds and put in the work needed to ensure a better future. One thing in life is for sure, what you focus on will expand. If you’re always focused on fear and not embracing change, you will stay stagnant. Focus on faith and hard work to grow your business, and your mind and well-being will ultimately follow. 

Crisis Reveals You

A crisis is defined as “a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger.” While a crisis is viewed as a negative thing, there are often great and positive things that can come from them. A time of crisis has a way of revealing us and helping us to realize our true potential. They reveal our strengths, weaknesses, and overall drive. A time of crisis will squeeze you, and it’s up to you what comes out! Choices make you, and crisis reveals you. We can’t control our conditions, but, luckily, we can control our choices. When you’re under the pressure of tough times, focus on having a positive mentality and making the most out of new opportunities presented to you.

Connect More

Ultimately, times of hardship always have a way of showing us what’s most important. For many, this time has revealed how valuable the power of connection is. People are craving connection and engagement with those around them—that’s why, in your business and your personal life, communication should be at the forefront of your goals. I encourage you to get up and focus on how you can take control of 2020 by utilizing the power of connection. You have the choice to wallow in your sadness or to rise and work hard to rock out the new month and the rest of the year. When the universe is pressuring you, make sure there’s nothing but positivity oozing out. This mindset will allow you to embrace this time and view it as an opportunity rather than a burden. Put your hope into the future and continue to choose faith over fear.