An Attitude of Gratitude

May 19, 2020

Gratitude is the best attitude. To succeed in life and business, always be grateful for the things you have, instead of focusing on the things you want to have. One thing I’ve learned throughout my career is, you can’t be in fear and gratitude at the same time—the two will always oppose each other. Practicing gratitude works to reduce your innermost fears by shifting your perspective from fear to optimism and hope. Unsurprisingly, people who don’t practice gratitude find themselves unhappy because they’re dwelling on things that are out of their control! If you’re one of these people, change the narrative. Instead of dwelling on the negative in your life, focus on the abundance! Strive to not take your treasures for granted and let gratitude lead the way.

Acknowledge Your Success

In life, it’s imperative to have class, grace, and respect, but we often forget how important gratitude is. Gratitude shifts our focus from the things that we think we need to the things we deserve and currently have. Part of living a gratitude-focused life is always reflecting on your progress. Recognize how hard you worked to get to where you are and let that be the fuel that pushes you forward. All too often, I see business owners crush a goal and that’s it—they just move on to the next thing. Life is a lot more meaningful when you take the time to celebrate your accomplishments and victories! When you’re able to acknowledge your successes, this aids in your mental stability and makes achieving future goals much more satisfying.

Keep Going with Motivation

I recently read a Harvard study about gratitude that put everything into perspective. The study examined the way people like to work and determined a positive correlation between gratitude and an individual’s well-being. It also found that managers who remember to say “thank you” to their employees will motivate them to work harder. As leader, giving your team motivation and purpose is key—that’s why pep talks are so important! When you give your team a pep talk and share encouraging words, they’re more likely to perform at a higher level! Business success isn’t always about your team hitting new goals; sometimes, what matters the most, is encouraging your team to keep going.

Gratitude Will Always Win

There will be times of uncertainty when you’ll find yourself lacking gratitude. As humans, unfortunately, we’re great at feeling unworthy and beating ourselves up when things don’t go the way we planned. But, never forget, a grateful heart brings a prosperous future. Losses are just as much a part of business as the wins—celebrate and embrace both. I understand, embracing failure can be challenging because you see your business as a reflection of yourself. When you fail, you may feel that you let yourself (and your team) down. Remember, you’re only as good as your mindset. Being a business owner without mental strength won’t serve you well. No one expects you to be perfect, but you owe it to yourself, your team, family, and friends to work to better yourself each and every day while also recognizing how fortunate you are.

There will be days you get frustrated. When this happens, don’t forget to take a moment to reflect on the good. Always set measurable and attainable goals to keep your mind focused on what you want to achieve. Don’t forget, as business leaders, it’s our responsibility to build each other up and grow together. As Patty always says, “you might be in business for yourself, but you are never by yourself.”