6 Steps To Become Your Best Asset

September 2, 2020

As an entrepreneur or leader, you likely spend most of your time focusing on other people’s wants, needs, and desires. While this is important, at the end of the day, you must remember that your most important asset is, well, you. To be the best to others, you must first fully invest in yourself. While this can be hard and daunting, it is doable. These 6 simple steps will help you focus on what you want to get accomplished and putting yourself first.

Step 1: Determine What is Important to You

Are you someone who values recognition above all? Or, maybe you value saving for retirement in order to live life to the fullest as you get older? No matter where these items fall on your importance spectrum and what you ultimately deem as important and valuable to you, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of what’s important to you. If you’re questioning what’s important to you, start by determining your love language! Your love language will give you a clear understanding of what you find to be valuable and cherish.

Step 2: Determine What Commitments are Important to You

Your commitments should always lead back to what you’re going after. For example, I know that if I’m trying to increase sales, I need to be committed to talking to more people, sending out extra text messages and emails, sending out promotional/marketing packages, and doing everything I can to own the relationship with my customers and stay one step ahead of my competition. The truth about commitment is it comes with a cost- the cost is missing out on many activities that you wish you could participate in! Although a weekend camping or at the lake with friends sounds ideal, you might have to forego many of these opportunities and focus on your goals when you’re truly committed. Until you have enough money put away in your bank account for retirement and the life you dream of, stay committed. Your life becomes better when you have the #1 currency- choice. The only way you will have the power to choose is when you put yourself in an ideal financial position.

Step 3: Time Management

Where are you going to spend your time? As a dedicated business owner and CEO, I spend my time on money producing activities. I don’t spend my time brainstorming- rather, I spend it on action. Brainstorm and dream up the life you want to live, but always make sure to put action behind those dreams. If you don’t manage your time, it will get away from you, and once it gets away from you, this becomes costly.

Step 4: Get Rid of Clutter

Now is the time to get rid of the cluttered areas in your life. Clean your inbox, get rid of junk in your home office, remove the trash from your car, and spend time decluttering as much of your life as possible! Once you remove clutter, keep your areas clean! And often, the cluttered areas in your life aren’t just objects- they’re people. If your life is cluttered with people who add no value to it, have the strength and mental capacity to remove them from it! Invest in those who invest in you in all aspects.

Step 5: Spend Time With Those That Matter The Most

Life is not a dress rehearsal. You are live and in action each and every day. When you feel yourself becoming removed from reality, come back down and realize the importance of what matters the most- the time spent with your loved ones. Instead of saying yes to every single business prospect or plan that an outsider proposes, decline and spend that time with your family or friends.

Step 6: Make Time to Be Alone With Your Thoughts

Workout, meditate and do everything that you can to provide yourself with a clear thought process. It’s important to spend valuable time with yourself because, after all, you are your best asset. When you spend time with your thoughts and yourself, you allow yourself to find the best version of yourself.


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1 day ago

Love these steps!