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Fighting Through Feeling Stuck

Fighting Through Feeling Stuck

April 7, 2020

How many times have you felt like you were “stuck in life”? You know, that overwhelming feeling that makes it seems like no matter how hard you try, you can’t move forward? As humans, we’re all guilty of feeling like this at different times throughout our lives. It’s how you react to that feeling that separates the successful from everyone else. Will you be paralyzed, or will you pivot quickly and do things differently?


­One thing to always remember is: “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” Instead of feeling stuck, just remember: this feeling is all a part of the adventure! 

A Daring Adventure or Nothing at All

How boring would life be if we had the same routine every day without a little adventure? Living a daring and adventurous life is one of the best feelings in the world. Nothing motivates me like feeling alive—really alive—taking chances, embracing adventure, and tackling new challenges, head on! Over the last few weeks, many of us have felt daring and adventurous as we have adapted our lifestyles due to the everchanging climate of our world. This ability to adapt and adjust proves it’s more than possible to not only embrace change and adventure, but pivot successfully, when necessary. If life doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. And change is the key to growth!

Change Your Perspective to Change Your Life

In life, you have to let go of the things you can’t control—if you fail to do this, you’ll be stuck living a life of nothingness. Do you have friends or family who have been down in the dumps because they can’t control the current stay at home and quarantining orders? This lack of control leads many people to feel stuck and unable to move forward. When this feeling hits, remind them (and yourself) to “change your perspective to change your life.” Always acknowledge that you can’t control everything, and instead focus on the things that you CAN control—you’ll quickly find that your perspective improves because the things that you can control will bring you joy. Control how you take care of your family and yourself, then tackle your business and day-to-day activities

Your Dreams are Worth Chasing

Despite the changes in the world, your business is still a way you can make your dreams come true. How? By controlling the actions you take and the decisions you make. What you do once will not shape your life, but what you choose to do consistently will. When you’re working hard and striving for greatness each and every day, no matter the circumstances, that’s when you’ll get the outcome you’re striving to achieve. Again, change your perspective to change your life. That “gatherer” perspective? Forget it—shift to a “hunter perspective” with the mindset that you will work hard and do anything needed to be a successful business owner. A gatherer waits for someone else to do the hunting, then they come by and collect the prize. A hunter will go out there and get what they desire themselves.

The Importance of Purpose

What makes you happy? Are you constantly exploring your deeper purpose? We are all destined for greatness. None of us were put on this earth to walk around and settle for mediocracy. Be someone who enacts change. Be someone who’s innovative and does things differently. Your truest potential will come when you start making decisions for your life, so don’t rest your decision-making muscles!


The only way to build strong decision-making muscles? It’s simple—make more decisions for yourself. When you do this, you’ll be living to your highest potential. You’ll become a role model and the leader in your organization that others look up to. If this deeper purpose doesn’t make you happy, then it’s time to reevaluate. How can you change up your process to live life by design and achieve the level of happiness that you desire and deserve? This exploration of your purpose is one sign that you believe in yourself, so never be afraid to do so! Confidence, believing in yourself, and trusting your capabilities are the holy grails of business and life. Get out there and believe in your capabilities and what you can do!

Control Your Choices

Control Your Choices

March 31, 2020

When was the last time you did something for yourself? No, I’m not talking about things you do for yourself AND your family—I mean personal time where you take a moment to breathe, reflect, and relax amidst all the chaos! This can include taking a walk by yourself or sitting down with a cup of tea and a new book. Now more than ever, it’s important to have these small moments to yourself. To give your best to others, you have to give yourself the best first. As we end March and head into April, I encourage you to take control of the way you think about self-care and pay attention to its impact on your business. This one simple element could be the driving force you need to keep pushing forward and make crucial business decisions.  

Faith Over Fear

Both faith and fear may sail into your harbor, but only allow faith to drop anchor.”

As a business owner, you’ve likely had to adapt your business significantly over the last few weeks. You might’ve changed the way your business operates and learned new ways to communicate with your friends, family, customers, and team. But one thing that often comes with change is fear. All of us are born with two fears—loud noises and falling. Everything else is merely false evidence appearing real. The only way to thrive in difficult times is by facing fear head-on. Instead of letting fear consume you, turn it into motivation to push yourself beyond all limits.

You will always have two choices: faith or fear? Which of these do you want to win in your life? If you feed fear, faith loses. If you feed faith, fear loses. If you believe things will always get better and that, with hard work and perseverance, you’ll be successful—I encourage you to feed your faith. Have the confidence to fight the odds and put in the work needed to ensure a better future. One thing in life is for sure, what you focus on will expand. If you’re always focused on fear and not embracing change, you will stay stagnant. Focus on faith and hard work to grow your business, and your mind and well-being will ultimately follow. 

Crisis Reveals You

A crisis is defined as “a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger.” While a crisis is viewed as a negative thing, there are often great and positive things that can come from them. A time of crisis has a way of revealing us and helping us to realize our true potential. They reveal our strengths, weaknesses, and overall drive. A time of crisis will squeeze you, and it’s up to you what comes out! Choices make you, and crisis reveals you. We can’t control our conditions, but, luckily, we can control our choices. When you’re under the pressure of tough times, focus on having a positive mentality and making the most out of new opportunities presented to you.

Connect More

Ultimately, times of hardship always have a way of showing us what’s most important. For many, this time has revealed how valuable the power of connection is. People are craving connection and engagement with those around them—that’s why, in your business and your personal life, communication should be at the forefront of your goals. I encourage you to get up and focus on how you can take control of 2020 by utilizing the power of connection. You have the choice to wallow in your sadness or to rise and work hard to rock out the new month and the rest of the year. When the universe is pressuring you, make sure there’s nothing but positivity oozing out. This mindset will allow you to embrace this time and view it as an opportunity rather than a burden. Put your hope into the future and continue to choose faith over fear.

Making This Isolation Time – Motivation Time!

Making This Isolation Time – Motivation Time!

March 25, 2020

“For the world is in a bad state, but everything will become worst unless each of us does our best.” – Viktor E. Frankl

In tough times, using your decision-making muscles can be stressful—but this is when you need to exercise those muscles the most. As a business owner, being a good decision maker is imperative. When you find yourself making a decision, think about the impact. Sure, you’re making these decisions for the betterment of your business, yourself, and your family—but don’t forget your choices impact your customers. To navigate the process of decision making and come up with ideas that benefit all, utilize open and honest communication and set a schedule for your business.

Reset, Reevaluate, and Be Open-Minded

As we continue with the days of social distancing and self-quarantining, now is the perfect time to reset, reevaluate, and be open to new concepts and new ideas. Recently, I read an article in the New York Times written by retired NASA astronaut Scott Kelly. In this article, he shared tips on how he handled isolation during his journey in outer space. One thing that stuck out to me was his emphasis on creating and following a schedule. Kelly’s strict schedule made his time in outer space enjoyable, and when he returned to earth, he found it hard to live without. What does your daily or weekly schedule typically look like? Do you make time once or twice a week to sit down and write it out, or do you jot down things as they come up? Getting a handle on your schedule can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be.

First, always start your day with something that motivates you. Whether it’s a run around your neighborhood or a good cup of coffee, find something that makes you excited to wake up early and get your day started! Next, include your business and personal goals in your schedule. These goals will motivate you to complete the appropriate tasks needed to reach even bigger goals you have set for yourself. When evaluating all these goals, divide them into short-term and long-term categories. In the short-term, one goal is never be forgotten, always be sure to check in with your customers! Checking in doesn’t mean you have to sell them something—it means making a genuine connection and letting them know that you are there for support. With sudden changes come uncertainty, and when these changes happen, your customers must be aware of them and also conscious of what you’re doing to alleviate them.

Step Outside the Box

Now is a perfect time to reevaluate your business and change anything that might not be a positive representation of the brand you want to build. What does your brand look like on your social media channels? Is your mission evident to your customer base? You want current and potential customers to recognize you as a go-getter, a thinker, and an entrepreneur. Make sure you’re representing yourself and your brand in a positive light on all platforms. Get creative and try new things, but do it in a thoughtful manner! If you’re unable to meet people in person to do business, do it online! Utilize Zoom and Google Hangouts to talk about your business. Don’t get comfortable in how you operate. Be bold enough to step outside the box and try something new, even if it seems the odds might not be in your favor. Go live on Facebook or Instagram, make an informative TikTok to share with your customers. During this time of social distancing, your customers desire engagement more than anything. Make them feel like they can trust and rely on you—in good times and bad. 

Try Your Best

Change is inevitable, and growth is an option. The world isn’t stopping, so you shouldn’t either! Life isn’t canceled, and what you do now will pay off down the road. When life becomes overwhelming, don’t forget to breathe. Go outside and get some fresh air, start a journal to write out your feelings, and, ultimately, stay strong and take care of yourself. In the midst of it all, don’t forget to fit in time with those closest to you! Now more than ever, your family, friends, partner, and children need your presence in their lives. Don’t do yourself a disservice by taking  time with them for granted. The world may be in a bad state, but you’ll never regret trying your best!

Shift Your Focus

Shift Your Focus

March 18, 2020

Change is happening. Lucky for you, it comes with opportunity. That opportunity lies in being focused and doing what needs to be done. Right now, you have to decide to be either a hunter or a gatherer. If you are a gatherer, you’ll sit back and watch as things change day by day and not push your business forward. If you choose to be a hunter, you focus on the things you can control, and that means being innovative with your business goals.

Let’s be real, times aren’t easy right now for a lot of people. Things are changing. So, here’s the question: do you choose to live in fear? When fear begins to paralyze, it is possible that you could freeze up, try to run from it, or overthink everything and make the wrong decisions. Or you could put all of your training as a business owner into play. Instead of focusing on the negative, shift your focus—take back control by outworking everyone else who put their business on the backburner.

Stick to Plan A

There’s a lot of uncertainty, and you might be thinking of alternate escape routes. Instead, stay focused on your “plan A.” Stay committed to what you set out to do, and get ahead by approaching your business in a new way or with a new perspective. For example, your customers and team members might be put off by the idea of doing business in person, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still connect with them! Do what others aren’t willing to do and get creative! Think outside of the box.

Continue to Dream Big

Every day, something new is getting cancelled, right? But there’s one thing that won’t ever be cancelled—your dreams. So, don’t focus on what could-have been. Instead, shift your focus. Put your mind to work on the things that you can control: the music you listen to, how you handle stress, the books you read, and, ultimately, your business. Maybe it’s hard to do it for yourself. If that’s the case, then do it for your loved ones and those you hold near and dear to your heart.

And remember, we live in a digital world, so don’t shut everything out. One of the best things we can do during this time is to keep our lines of communication open and stay in contact. We need each other now more than ever. Rally around your team and check in as often as possible. Above all, never forget that hunter mentality—because your success depends on you.

Pivoting Potential

Pivoting Potential

March 10, 2020

How do you handle sudden business changes? Do you sulk or do you embrace the change and use it as momentum to keep moving forward? As a business leader, learning to pivot at any given moment is important. Being able to quickly change, grow, and develop in our ever-changing business world factors into your success.

Change is a Good Thing

People hate change because the unknown is scary. Unexpected changes can make you second guess your decisions—stalling the business you worked hard to establish. Don’t be one of these people. When things aren’t going the way you anticipated, reevaluate and make adjustments where you need to so you can keep pushing your business #beyondalllimits.

Needing to know the outcome causes issues for many people. Uncertainty can cause even the best of us to lie down and stop competing—resist this! Starbucks hasn’t always been the Starbucks that you know and love today. One of the biggest coffee giants in the world started as a company that sold high-quality coffee beans and espresso equipment. When the founders recognized the need for a coffee shop that could serve as a gathering place for Seattle residents, they pivoted and started selling the final version of their initial project: coffee. Starbucks took coffee to the next level and proved that, while risky, pivoting and embracing change can pay off in the long run.

You Have the Ability to Change, Too!

Be mindful and strategic with your business. You don’t need to know the outcome before you play the game, you only need to compete and be ready for change because you already possess the determination and strength to overcome any obstacle. Once you wrap your mind around change, embrace any new ideas you have. Pivoting can create revenue and opportunities for you and the people around you! When you embrace sudden changes, you’re thinking outside the box and expanding your footprint. Recognize that you absorb the qualities of the people you surround yourself with, so make sure they’re the kind of people who welcome and embrace change.

Certainty is Never Certain

With most things, you can never be certain, but you can be prepared. Always stay up-to-date with business and world news—that way, you can predict when a big change is coming your way. Simple shifts in mindset allow you to look at uncertainty in a new light:

  1. Understand that what you’re doing today might not be what you’re doing 2 years from now.
  2. Be mindful of change and look at it as a way to rejuvenate your business!
  3. Look for the silver lining in each and every situation and be adaptable.

Remember, certainty is never guaranteed—but you are a go-getter who has the tools and willpower to always be pushing, despite any circumstance. Once you master the art of pivoting, you will see the results in your business.

Bring Luck Into Your Life

Bring Luck Into Your Life

March 3, 2020

Many people call March the month of luck, but I prefer to call it the month of hard work. Luck doesn’t drive business. You don’t own your business because you’re lucky. You don’t make sales because you’re lucky. This month, I’ve got one piece of advice—don’t wait for luck to enter your life. Instead, get out there and work hard for what you desire.

Here are seven reasons why luck has nothing to do with your business success.

There is No Substitute for Hard Work

If you want to be successful, you  have to work hard for it. Luck will never be a substitute for hard work—sometimes it’s just tough—but successful people don’t quit. They’re comfortable being uncomfortable. The grind doesn’t stop because of difficulties, so you have to push through and continue striving for what you want. There’s no substitute for time, enthusiasm, strategy, and execution—these things go hand in hand with the work that you’re putting in to make your business a success. Let this be the fuel you need you to push you #beyondalllimits.

Take a Chance

Here’s the hard truth: most people don’t succeed the first time. You won’t knock it out of the park every time, but you will take what’s given to you, both good and bad, and embrace it. The same goes for business. You can’t sit back and wait. You must take a chance, get out there, and engage with the people that you want to become customers. When you embrace an opportunity, you’re ultimately paving the way for others who might follow after your success.

Focus on Your Customers

The customer experience is absolutely critical because your customers are the heart of your growth and success. As a business owner, make it your mission to find what the customer is looking for each and every day.

Start by studying. When I first started in the business, one way I liked to study potential customers was sitting at the mall observing what they did. What impacted their decisions? I noted what they were shopping for, how they interacted with the products, what they were discussing as they shopped, how long they stayed in each store, and if they valued price over aesthetic. What I learned is this: people want a story and an experience, not just a product! When you provide both—a fun experience partnered with a fantastic product—you are well on your way to success.

Don't Procrastinate

Successful business leaders don’t procrastinate. Don’t put off things that you can easily and successfully get done today, because procrastination kills productivity. One excuse I often hear from business leaders is that they procrastinate because they don’t have enough time. How does that make sense? Think about the wealthiest people in the world. They have the same amount of hours in their day as you do, right? If you think you’re selling yourself short, and you’re unable to achieve your daily goals, try waking up earlier to get a head-start. That extra time adds up and you’ll be surprised what you can get done—but you can’t procrastinate. You’re only going to make it worse.

Produce More Than What's Expected

Ever heard the phrase “under-promise and over-deliver”? How about this one: “A minimal mentality leads to a minimal lifestyle.” When you only produce the basics, you’ll always come up short. Produce more than expected and always push past the minimum. When you stop focusing on the goalposts, you’ll inevitably blow past them. You’ll never regret pushing yourself beyond all limits, but you will regret mediocrity.

Don't Be Afraid to Hear No

The word “no” is a part of being a business owner. People will tell you that they’re not interested in or ready for your services. But you know the rules, and you aren’t afraid of rejection, right? No one likes rejection, but at the end of the day, it keeps you on your toes. A challenge always makes business fun and keeps you inspired and challenging yourself! Stay consistent with your message and what you know to be true, because success is something you make, and every “no” will eventually lead to a “yes” somewhere else.

Above All: Engagement

Finally, remember, the magic of your business is engagement! Engagement is the driving force that will allow your business to either sink or swim. It’s about learning, teaching, being involved in the community, and keeping your customers excited. Time and time again, consistent engagement has been shown to power growth.

If you engage, commit, and prepare for hard work, you’re setting yourself up for the kind of success that goes beyond all the limits you ever thought possible. If you never give up, you’ll never stop growing. And that’s a way better guarantee than you’ll ever get from “luck”.

Planning for Success

Planning for Success

February 26, 2020

It’s hard to believe February’s almost over. As we head into this final week, I encourage you to view today as a checkpoint for the month. Did you accomplish the goals you set for yourself? Think on these answers and reevaluate why you’re running your business. If you failed to accomplish your goals or consider February unsuccessful, it might be time to change your mindset, take action, and look at your business in a new light.

Brand Passion

As a human being, you love many things. You love your partner, your children, your friends, but—do you love your brand? If your immediate response is yes, then consider what is it that you love about your brand? What do you love about the products you’re selling? You might think, “I love my brand because it helps me decrease debt,” but that’s not enough when running a business. As a business owner, if you don’t view your company as more than a moneymaker and the product line you are providing, you’re not setting yourself up for success.

Every day, I interact with people who love what they sell, but that love doesn’t translate to their brand as a whole. Continually falling in love with your mission—that invites success. Let your love and passion for your brand show in your marketing and the way you communicate your goals.

What Does Success Mean to You?

As we head into March, focus on what success means to you. Take some time today to jot down your goals and plans for the next month and what you’ll do to make March a success. By developing a unique pathway that works for you and your business, you’re allowing yourself to stay consistent and put your goals at the forefront of your life. Remember that success is available in abundance and there is always enough to go around! Once you establish your plan for the next month or so, make it a habit to do something every day to help you reach your goals. “Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment.”

The View of Success

One task to add to your formula for success is to view it the same way you view your closest family member. You vow to protect that person at all costs. Take protecting your success just as seriously—talk about it, envision it, and write down how you’ll achieve it. There’s no quick path to success, but how you approach it determines the outcome. Your growth might not be linear, but it will be clear if you plan accordingly.

Never settle for being average. As a successful business leader, average is not enough. Always seek to do more than the bare minimum and make it your goal to work hard and do all that needs to be done. Stop chasing success without a plan. Start creating a plan and living it out—the plan that’ll lead you to live life by design. There will be obstacles along the way, but always remember, short term pain brings long term gain. You are an innovator, you are a mover, and you are a shaker. This is your business, and you hold alone hold the keys to your fate.

Living with – and Fighting for – CHANGE

Living with – and Fighting for – CHANGE

February 19, 2020

As a business leader, you have many layers. I am no different. Many people see me as Chris Cicchinelli, the CEO of Pure Romance and co-founder of Living with Change, but not many know me as Chris Cicchinelli, a dad. Being a dad is, by far, my favorite and most rewarding title, but like any title, it comes with its trials and tribulations. Many of you have followed my journey with my transgender daughter, LC, from the very beginning. LC’s journey is just that, it has its ups and downs but it has turned out to be a beyond beautiful journey. We have been very fortunate, but unfortunately, with new bills being proposed in many states across the country, other families who wish to see their child live life as their true self, may not be as fortunate.  

The last few weeks have been a trying time with at least 10 states proposing bills that seek to restrict gender-identity medical treatments for transgender youth by penalizing the doctors who prescribe them. While this proposed legislation, named the “Protect Vulnerable Children Act” in Ohio, has seemingly been triggered by political agendas rather than genuine interest for the well-being of the disenfranchised transgender population, it has been quickly making waves across the nation. As someone with a transgender child, I have had a front-row seat to the heartbreaking picture that is watching a child having to live life as a gender that they do not identify as. Once LC’s transition began, we saw a drastic change in her behavior and personality. Before that, she was at the bottom of her class, did not want to attend school, and was very uncommunicative. After her transition began and she was finally able to live openly and freely as the gender that she always felt she was, she became excited to go to school every day, eager to participate with her friends, and quickly became one of the top students in her class.

When my wife, Jessica, and I created Living with Change, we vowed that we would not only fight for our child but all children, because we understand the significance of being able to live as your true, authentic self. As our journey has continued, we recognize now more than ever, that we need to offer the LGBTQ+ community, especially the transgender community, our support in any way we can. With the recent legislation proposal, we must do all we can to make a difference—and it starts with speaking out. I am proud to see many physicians take a stance against these harmful legislations. “It’s a double standard to completely withhold a form of known beneficial medical interventions for this population when we provide medical interventions and treatment for youth for other medical conditions”- Dr. Scott Leibowitz, a psychiatrist and medical director of behavioral health at Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s THRIVE Gender Development Program. But—we can’t let these leaders take a stance alone. With the help of the Living with Change organization and all of our supporters, we vow to take a greater stance on fighting legislation and anti-inclusion laws that limit the rights of transgender children.

Did you know, a U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study found about 1.8% of high school students identify as transgender, and 24% of transgender youth attempted suicide in the past 12 months? And that another recent survey of more than 20,000 transgender adults found people who received gender-related medical treatment as teens were less likely to have suicidal thoughts? Those statistics are staggering—the first is hard to hear, but the second? That gives me hope. It’s why I choose to take on this fight—and it starts with education. To many people, being transgender is a complex concept. But I believe with conversation and a willingness to listen, comes change and understanding. With education comes empathy. As humans, the more we learn about one another, the more empathetic we become. If we open our minds, we have the opportunity to open our hearts and create a more accepting and inclusive world for everyone.

As you go through life, one thing that you will not regret is always fighting for what you believe in. If there is an injustice that you are passionate about, don’t leave the fight in the hands of others. Living with change isn’t enough; we must fight for change to make our world better than the way we found it.

Lifetime Value

Lifetime Value

February 11, 2020

According to marketing experts at Optimizely, lifetime value is an estimate of “the average revenue that a customer will generate throughout their lifespan as a customer.” SO here’s the question—what’s the lifetime value of your consumer base? How many times do your customers buy from you throughout their lifetime? As a business owner, you should always be searching for new ways to increase the lifetime value of each customer. Today, customers love shopping from home or a smartphone, but what they won’t get just anywhere is the experience you provide for them: an intimate, in-person party.

The Value of the Experience

What makes parties so valuable? It all comes back to the 5 senses. Going to a party doesn’t just stimulate one sense. It stimulates all of them! Throughout the night, your guests will not just see and hear about our products, but taste and smell and feel them in their hands, too. It’s engaging, personal, and leaves the customer feeling that much more confident in the product they’re thinking about buying, whether it’s a bath and beauty product or a bedroom toy. That’s why hands-on, in person experience with a professional (you!) can make all the difference to your bottom line. 

After the Party

It doesn’t stop there! The party experience will turn buyers into customers, but what you do after the party determines whether or not you’ve added lifetime value to your customer base. How many times do you ask people to repurchase after a party? How do you communicate with your customers, and how often? How are you utilizing the resources provided for you (such as the Media Center) for communication prompts to send to your customers? When you follow up and make personal connections with your customers, you’ll make them want to come back to you again and again. You’ve already done the job of showing the valuable products, services, and experience you can provide—now it’s time to communicate what’s next!

Think Ahead

Many people get caught up in the short-term goal of making money right now, and fast! I challenge you to put this short-term goal aside and instead turn your right-now customers into customers for life! Provide an experience people want to come back to and recommend to everyone in their circle. Let your passion shine through as you run your business. The best successes come when you’re having fun and working hard for the cause that you’re passionate about. Build a business that will last, not just a “side hustle.” Bet on yourself each and every day because success takes a lot of grind and effort. You’re the master of your fate.

5 Pillars of the Mamba Mentality- It’s all risks and rewards!

5 Pillars of the Mamba Mentality- It’s all risks and rewards!

February 4, 2020

This past weekend, I headed to Miami, Florida with the Pure Romance team where we were a sponsor of the Gronk Beach Super Bowl party. I have to admit, it’s been a while since I’ve attended such a major marketing event, and since Pure Romance has grown substantially over the years, it was a wildly different experience.

The Miami event was especially unique as we debuted our first-ever promotional vending machine. It was exciting to be a part of, but, like with any big event, there were some setbacks throughout the day. As the team and I set up and worked the event, I was reminded that being a business owner is truly a labor of love. If you kept up with me on social media, what you saw was fun, great photos, videos, and a revolutionary vending machine full of top Pure Romance products. But, behind the scenes, plenty of stress went into making the event a success. While our team handled all adversity with grace and turned lemons into lemonade, this weekend showed me how important it is to come back to the 5 pillars of Kobe Bryant’s Mamba Mentality.

Be Passionate

How passionate are you about your business? How often do you practice presenting this passion to others? How often do you teach your team how to interact with customers and show their passion for the business? While in Miami, there was some negativity towards Pure Romance products. Luckily, this is something we’ve learned to conquer with poise and class.

When Pure Romance was founded in 1993, radio stations didn’t want to advertise the business, and the thought of television stations airing a Pure Romance commercial was unheard of. To break the stigma behind our products and brand, people with a passionate for the company had to get out there and advocate and market the business appropriately.

We’re passionate about our cause and mission and it shows through in our response to negativity. If you aren’t passionate about your business and mission, people will walk all over you. When negativity seeps into your space, conquer it by educating rather than getting upset. You’ll always have naysayers but let your passion drive you to continue educating and breaking down barriers. 

Be Obsessive

The target market at Gronk’s Super Bowl Party was not a demographic that Pure Romance typically caters to. But why shouldn’t we? Being a 21 and over event, with a substantial number of party-goers ages 21-30, this was an awesome way to reach this demographic and educate them about our products and business.

In business, you must be obsessed with going more in-depth and over to the next level of clientele that you wouldn’t usually market to. If you want to build your brand, learn about the individuals you need to connect with and don’t be afraid to branch out into a new market.

Lastly, be obsessed with making sure you give people a good experience. Over the weekend, no matter what negativity we received, our team stood firm and committed to making sure each person walked away with a positive impression of Pure Romance.

Be Relentless

Never give up. It’s a simple statement that means so much. While you’re out there marketing your business, remember to network and interact with different types of people. And, if a specific person or demographic isn’t receptive to you and your products? Hold your head high and give the same amount of energy towards everyone you encounter later!

So many of us get too comfortable talking to a particular group of people and this hinders us from branching out. To be successful, you have to interact with as many people as possible, even if they aren’t someone you would usually interact with. Take the risk. Significant investments in others bring significant results. Always think outside the box when it comes to networking because a simple conversation can change the trajectory of your business.

Be Resilient

Gronk’s Beach Party was a true display of resilience. Amidst negativity, lousy weather, and last-minute changes, my team recovered quickly and made the most of the event. Life will throw you curveballs, and many occur when you least expect it. Always stand firm in the face of hardship.

Be Fearless

Step outside your comfort zone. Sponsoring a party with a unique demographic is scary, but fear defeats more people than any other thing in this world. Don’t let the fear of failure prohibit you from doing all you can to make your business a success. Always be pushing.

As you build your business, these actions are the 5 things that drive your company to success. The Pure Romance business is unique because of our different and innovative product offering. Many women are excited to experiment and educate themselves on all things related to sexual health but don’t know where to turn. It’s our responsibility to be passionate, obsessive, relentless, resilient, and fearless as we get out there and tell as many people as possible about the business.

Remember, high risk brings high rewards. Network with different people, communicate with new people, and when things get tough, don’t give up because we rise, we grind, and we make things happen. The time is now, so let’s do this.