Planning for Success

February 26, 2020

It’s hard to believe February’s almost over. As we head into this final week, I encourage you to view today as a checkpoint for the month. Did you accomplish the goals you set for yourself? Think on these answers and reevaluate why you’re running your business. If you failed to accomplish your goals or consider February unsuccessful, it might be time to change your mindset, take action, and look at your business in a new light.

Brand Passion

As a human being, you love many things. You love your partner, your children, your friends, but—do you love your brand? If your immediate response is yes, then consider what is it that you love about your brand? What do you love about the products you’re selling? You might think, “I love my brand because it helps me decrease debt,” but that’s not enough when running a business. As a business owner, if you don’t view your company as more than a moneymaker and the product line you are providing, you’re not setting yourself up for success.

Every day, I interact with people who love what they sell, but that love doesn’t translate to their brand as a whole. Continually falling in love with your mission—that invites success. Let your love and passion for your brand show in your marketing and the way you communicate your goals.

What Does Success Mean to You?

As we head into March, focus on what success means to you. Take some time today to jot down your goals and plans for the next month and what you’ll do to make March a success. By developing a unique pathway that works for you and your business, you’re allowing yourself to stay consistent and put your goals at the forefront of your life. Remember that success is available in abundance and there is always enough to go around! Once you establish your plan for the next month or so, make it a habit to do something every day to help you reach your goals. “Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment.”

The View of Success

One task to add to your formula for success is to view it the same way you view your closest family member. You vow to protect that person at all costs. Take protecting your success just as seriously—talk about it, envision it, and write down how you’ll achieve it. There’s no quick path to success, but how you approach it determines the outcome. Your growth might not be linear, but it will be clear if you plan accordingly.

Never settle for being average. As a successful business leader, average is not enough. Always seek to do more than the bare minimum and make it your goal to work hard and do all that needs to be done. Stop chasing success without a plan. Start creating a plan and living it out—the plan that’ll lead you to live life by design. There will be obstacles along the way, but always remember, short term pain brings long term gain. You are an innovator, you are a mover, and you are a shaker. This is your business, and you hold alone hold the keys to your fate.

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