Making This Isolation Time – Motivation Time!

March 25, 2020

“For the world is in a bad state, but everything will become worst unless each of us does our best.” – Viktor E. Frankl

In tough times, using your decision-making muscles can be stressful—but this is when you need to exercise those muscles the most. As a business owner, being a good decision maker is imperative. When you find yourself making a decision, think about the impact. Sure, you’re making these decisions for the betterment of your business, yourself, and your family—but don’t forget your choices impact your customers. To navigate the process of decision making and come up with ideas that benefit all, utilize open and honest communication and set a schedule for your business.

Reset, Reevaluate, and Be Open-Minded

As we continue with the days of social distancing and self-quarantining, now is the perfect time to reset, reevaluate, and be open to new concepts and new ideas. Recently, I read an article in the New York Times written by retired NASA astronaut Scott Kelly. In this article, he shared tips on how he handled isolation during his journey in outer space. One thing that stuck out to me was his emphasis on creating and following a schedule. Kelly’s strict schedule made his time in outer space enjoyable, and when he returned to earth, he found it hard to live without. What does your daily or weekly schedule typically look like? Do you make time once or twice a week to sit down and write it out, or do you jot down things as they come up? Getting a handle on your schedule can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be.

First, always start your day with something that motivates you. Whether it’s a run around your neighborhood or a good cup of coffee, find something that makes you excited to wake up early and get your day started! Next, include your business and personal goals in your schedule. These goals will motivate you to complete the appropriate tasks needed to reach even bigger goals you have set for yourself. When evaluating all these goals, divide them into short-term and long-term categories. In the short-term, one goal is never be forgotten, always be sure to check in with your customers! Checking in doesn’t mean you have to sell them something—it means making a genuine connection and letting them know that you are there for support. With sudden changes come uncertainty, and when these changes happen, your customers must be aware of them and also conscious of what you’re doing to alleviate them.

Step Outside the Box

Now is a perfect time to reevaluate your business and change anything that might not be a positive representation of the brand you want to build. What does your brand look like on your social media channels? Is your mission evident to your customer base? You want current and potential customers to recognize you as a go-getter, a thinker, and an entrepreneur. Make sure you’re representing yourself and your brand in a positive light on all platforms. Get creative and try new things, but do it in a thoughtful manner! If you’re unable to meet people in person to do business, do it online! Utilize Zoom and Google Hangouts to talk about your business. Don’t get comfortable in how you operate. Be bold enough to step outside the box and try something new, even if it seems the odds might not be in your favor. Go live on Facebook or Instagram, make an informative TikTok to share with your customers. During this time of social distancing, your customers desire engagement more than anything. Make them feel like they can trust and rely on you—in good times and bad. 

Try Your Best

Change is inevitable, and growth is an option. The world isn’t stopping, so you shouldn’t either! Life isn’t canceled, and what you do now will pay off down the road. When life becomes overwhelming, don’t forget to breathe. Go outside and get some fresh air, start a journal to write out your feelings, and, ultimately, stay strong and take care of yourself. In the midst of it all, don’t forget to fit in time with those closest to you! Now more than ever, your family, friends, partner, and children need your presence in their lives. Don’t do yourself a disservice by taking  time with them for granted. The world may be in a bad state, but you’ll never regret trying your best!

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