Pivoting Potential

March 10, 2020

How do you handle sudden business changes? Do you sulk or do you embrace the change and use it as momentum to keep moving forward? As a business leader, learning to pivot at any given moment is important. Being able to quickly change, grow, and develop in our ever-changing business world factors into your success.

Change is a Good Thing

People hate change because the unknown is scary. Unexpected changes can make you second guess your decisions—stalling the business you worked hard to establish. Don’t be one of these people. When things aren’t going the way you anticipated, reevaluate and make adjustments where you need to so you can keep pushing your business #beyondalllimits.

Needing to know the outcome causes issues for many people. Uncertainty can cause even the best of us to lie down and stop competing—resist this! Starbucks hasn’t always been the Starbucks that you know and love today. One of the biggest coffee giants in the world started as a company that sold high-quality coffee beans and espresso equipment. When the founders recognized the need for a coffee shop that could serve as a gathering place for Seattle residents, they pivoted and started selling the final version of their initial project: coffee. Starbucks took coffee to the next level and proved that, while risky, pivoting and embracing change can pay off in the long run.

You Have the Ability to Change, Too!

Be mindful and strategic with your business. You don’t need to know the outcome before you play the game, you only need to compete and be ready for change because you already possess the determination and strength to overcome any obstacle. Once you wrap your mind around change, embrace any new ideas you have. Pivoting can create revenue and opportunities for you and the people around you! When you embrace sudden changes, you’re thinking outside the box and expanding your footprint. Recognize that you absorb the qualities of the people you surround yourself with, so make sure they’re the kind of people who welcome and embrace change.

Certainty is Never Certain

With most things, you can never be certain, but you can be prepared. Always stay up-to-date with business and world news—that way, you can predict when a big change is coming your way. Simple shifts in mindset allow you to look at uncertainty in a new light:

  1. Understand that what you’re doing today might not be what you’re doing 2 years from now.
  2. Be mindful of change and look at it as a way to rejuvenate your business!
  3. Look for the silver lining in each and every situation and be adaptable.

Remember, certainty is never guaranteed—but you are a go-getter who has the tools and willpower to always be pushing, despite any circumstance. Once you master the art of pivoting, you will see the results in your business.

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