Shift Your Focus

March 18, 2020

Change is happening. Lucky for you, it comes with opportunity. That opportunity lies in being focused and doing what needs to be done. Right now, you have to decide to be either a hunter or a gatherer. If you are a gatherer, you’ll sit back and watch as things change day by day and not push your business forward. If you choose to be a hunter, you focus on the things you can control, and that means being innovative with your business goals.

Let’s be real, times aren’t easy right now for a lot of people. Things are changing. So, here’s the question: do you choose to live in fear? When fear begins to paralyze, it is possible that you could freeze up, try to run from it, or overthink everything and make the wrong decisions. Or you could put all of your training as a business owner into play. Instead of focusing on the negative, shift your focus—take back control by outworking everyone else who put their business on the backburner.

Stick to Plan A

There’s a lot of uncertainty, and you might be thinking of alternate escape routes. Instead, stay focused on your “plan A.” Stay committed to what you set out to do, and get ahead by approaching your business in a new way or with a new perspective. For example, your customers and team members might be put off by the idea of doing business in person, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still connect with them! Do what others aren’t willing to do and get creative! Think outside of the box.

Continue to Dream Big

Every day, something new is getting cancelled, right? But there’s one thing that won’t ever be cancelled—your dreams. So, don’t focus on what could-have been. Instead, shift your focus. Put your mind to work on the things that you can control: the music you listen to, how you handle stress, the books you read, and, ultimately, your business. Maybe it’s hard to do it for yourself. If that’s the case, then do it for your loved ones and those you hold near and dear to your heart.

And remember, we live in a digital world, so don’t shut everything out. One of the best things we can do during this time is to keep our lines of communication open and stay in contact. We need each other now more than ever. Rally around your team and check in as often as possible. Above all, never forget that hunter mentality—because your success depends on you.

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