10 Lessons for Business Owners

September 22, 2020

In my 20+ years in business, I’ve learned a lot. Although there is still a lot to learn, I’ve taken every trial, tribulation, success, triumph, and used it as a lesson or focal point to keeping myself and my business moving forward. Some lessons were easy to learn, some were much harder, but they’ve all been worth it in the long run. Here are 10 monumental things that have helped me through the years, and I hope they will help you too.


  1. People always come first in business. You might ultimately be in business to reach a financial goal but never forget that your key reason for doing this should be to serve others. Without the support of your customers, community, and family that you serve, it’s impossible to reach your goals. Embrace this service viewpoint and embrace those who support you so that you’re able to live your best life. Above all, we are all about community, family, and a supportive & solidified front.
  2. Stay a Student. Dial into as many educational opportunities as possible to ensure that you’re well rounded and always up to date on the latest business practices and procedures. Are you attending every seminar that you’re available for? Are you going above and beyond inside your business? Are you doing all you can for personal development? You can never know too much, and you can never know enough. Although staying a student might seem tedious in the short term, it’s the best thing you can do for continuous growth in the long term.
  3. Seek to Serve in All You Do.Similar to people coming first, in business, we must continuously be seeking to serve. Whether it’s seeking new customers, investments, or better opportunities, we can’t sit around and wait for the things we want to come to us. We lead and grow by serving. Your spirit to serve makes your culture and business more vibrant, stronger, and, ultimately, better.
  4. Live life by design, not by default. Many people don’t believe they can design their life. We spend so much time designing our dream kitchen, occupation, ideal life partner, so why not put the same energy into designing your life as a whole?! Living life by design isn’t about buying things- it’s a mentality. This mentality says, “I’m going to do things on my own terms, and live the life I’ve always wanted fully and authentically.” When you design your kitchen, no one tells you what to put in it- the same applies to your life! Show up to go up, and you are one step closer to living the life you truly want and deserve.
  5. Change is inevitable- growth is optional. Tony Robbins once said, “We always overestimate what we can get done in one year and underestimate what we can get done in ten.” Your growth mindset is hugely important for long term success. If you don’t grow, you will be out of business. And, with growth comes the ability to pivot when things get challenging, or unexpected events come your way.
  6. When You Seek, You Shall Find.¬†Always seek out, and surround yourself with likeminded people who have similar aspirations and goals. You will most likely find what you’re looking for! Continue working with the likeminded people around you, always to present your best self. Never forget to be empathetic with those in your tribe who aren’t seeking hard enough, but ensure they’re putting the effort in and pushing themselves to the best of their ability! Just like any great business, there’s a process! And although the process doesn’t always come easy, it’s still worth it in the end.
  7. Create experiences people want to repeat & share in: As a business owner, you’re an “experience creator!” People want to be around you because of the way you make them feel. Working with you should be like going to Disney World- people should be excited and want to return time and time again. People want to be able to smile and have fun when they’re with you- so give them that opportunity!
  8. Believing is Achieving and Achieving is Believing:We must instill belief in our tribe and ourselves! Every time you have a new person join your team, they might be a bit apprehensive. How will you instill confidence in them and ensure them that they can be successful? Affirm that with time, perseverance, and dedication, they can become a successful entrepreneur. But, believing in your business first starts with believing in yourself. You are your greatest asset- treat yourself as such!
  9. Detach From Your Personal Outcome, Commit to the Process: Instead of focusing on precisely the outcome of your goal, focus on how you’ll get there! Everyone has different outcomes that directly correlates to their process. Immediate rewards won’t always be evident. The steps you put in today will benefit you greatly in the future.
  10. Success is a continuous journey.¬†This journey never stops. We’re taught to set goals beyond our expectations, knowing that we’ll redefine what success looks like when we stretch ourselves. You might think you’re putting the hard work in your business and not seeing the desired results, but don’t stop! Keep going. Work even harder. Improve for you, yourself, and your family.


I often hear people say “2020 sucks” or “2020 is the worst year ever”- if this sounds like you, CHANGE THAT MINDSET. Sure, this year hasn’t been normal, but it’s created the opportunity for so many successful business owners to pivot and learn together. We’re truly all in this together. Jot down the above reminders and as you go forward, remember them to remember them. A few mindsets and practice changes could be just what you need to end 2020 strong.

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LeTonya Hudson
1 month ago

Love this!