5 People Around You

November 5, 2020

We’re getting closer to 2021, which means now is the perfect time to think of the goals you want to set for the next year. To reach those goals, don’t just think about yourself, but the five people around you who will hold you to a higher standard. Life constantly changes and so will the people around you. Take an active role in looking for people you admire to keep in your tribe.

You won’t see growth unless you’re actively working to change. For example, when you work out, you won’t see a difference in your muscles unless you challenge and put pressure on them. It’s the same with your mind. Take in more information, more knowledge to grow. Surround yourself with people who have that knowledge. People who want to see others grow and will give the time to share their knowledge.

Do your homework before adding someone to your tribe. Take them to Missouri, the “show-me” state. If someone tells you how to make money, make sure they know what they’re talking about. Also make sure they’re continuing to push themselves forward in a way you can use as a model. If you want to make $100,000, you wouldn’t take advice from someone who makes $40,000.

Studies have shown how the people in your tribe can change your life. Make sure that the change is positive. Your opinion of yourself will change with the people who are around you. Don’t get stuck bringing 2020 problems into 2021. Surround yourself with positive people and see how that changes your self-image. When things don’t go your way, think of who you want by your side. Who will hold you accountable? Who will pick you up? Who will push you forward?

Those are the people you want by your side in 2021.


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Sharon Nelson
Sharon Nelson
1 month ago

Great read

Kimberly poole 324627
2 months ago

My 5 will b my fiancé he’s always complimenting me , my daughter who always needs more or different products. My consultant under me that is trying to learn ropes and we push each other , my on , and another friend down the road who is interested always as… Read more »