Three Great Ways to Say, “Thank You,” on Veterans Day

November 10, 2020

It is always important to take time to thank our nation’s veterans, especially on Veterans Day. For many of us, we see an individual in uniform or a U.S. service cap and say, “thank you for your service.” Even when we mean well, thanking someone for their service can be received as empty gesture. Let’s take a different approach and see just how much more meaningful Veterans Day can be for all.

Here are three ways to meaningfully thank Veterans.

  1. Volunteer. Get involved and give time to a local veterans’ organization. You will be giving back to those who gave so much for you.
  2. Instead of a simple “thank you,” take the time to get to know veterans. Have conversations with those that sacrificed so much for our country. If they’re willing to share, listen to the stories of veterans and learn more about their experiences. You may gain true understanding of what “service” is – and it’s a great opportunity for veterans to feel your true appreciation.
  3. Support disabled veterans. The Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Spare Change program allows you to round up purchases on a credit or debit card on a monthly basis to automatically donate “spare change.” With each credit card swipe, you’ll help veterans of all generations get the benefits they’ve earned through DAV’s no-cost services. To enroll, shop and help veterans, visit org or text DAV to 26989. Your spare change can provide big gifts for our disabled veterans.

November 11 is Veterans Day but it’s best to celebrate veterans year-round. God bless America.

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Sharon Nelson
Sharon Nelson
1 month ago

I have several vets in my family.