Why Quality Service Will Win the Holiday’s!

November 18, 2020

Holiday shopping is underway, and Black Friday is just days away!

Did you know 60% of people prefer to shop online and that 90% of consumers will do their holiday shopping online this year due to the pandemic?

With this information, we can conclude that 30% of online shoppers this holiday season won’t view online shopping as a favorable activity. As an entrepreneur, you not only have the power to change their perspectives but to make their holiday season a bit brighter.

How can you do this? By focusing on enhancing their shopping experience rather than the buying experience!

Buying can sometimes be a thoughtless process with no real memorable factors, when you’re shopping for groceries, household items, etc.  On the other hand, when you are shopping for gifts the experience can and should allow customers to discover things they didn’t know they needed. Here are a few things you can do to make this year’s holiday shopping experience one to remember.

Utilize Testimonials

People want to learn about unbiased first-hand experiences that your customers have had using your products. These testimonials help establish credibility and trust. Remember always to use reviews that provide specific product benefits rather than surface-level feedback. Your customers will find a detailed testimonial to be more relatable, making your product more appealing and the customer more likely to purchase from you.

Become a Personal Shopper

Your customer might know their needs, but you’re the expert on what will benefit them the most. Make your customer’s life easier by taking on a personal shopper role. Send product recommendations with testimonials, include video demos on how to use the product, and advise the customer to reach out with any questions.

But don’t just shop for them, give them deals they can’t refuse! For example, if a customer spends $500 throw in a free gift! This small gesture will pay off in a big way and create brand loyalty between you and that customer.

Service over Speed

While it’s vital to ensure you’re meeting your customer’s needs in a timely manner, quality service should never take a backseat to speed. When you think back on your best shopping experiences, it likely includes high-quality service and communication. Even if you did have to wait a bit longer, you knew your needs would be met and up to your standards- this is the type of service you want to provide to your customers. You want to be the Saks Fifth Avenue of your industry.

Differentiate Yourself

How are you differentiating yourself from your competition? If there is any year that you need to focus on this- it is RIGHT NOW! Take your business off autopilot and give your customers new experiences and new expectations.

One easy way for small business owners to do this is by personalizing their shopping experience. If your customer lives close, offer to drop off their products instead of shipping, always include a personal note in their product box thanking them for shopping with you, follow up to see if they’re enjoying their products and if there’s anything they need. Never underestimate the power of what may seem like a small gesture.

Be a game-changer for your customers by providing the highest level of customer service. Let’s go win this holiday season!

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Sharon Nelson
Sharon Nelson
1 month ago

Good ideas ☺️

Tere Cinoccomin
2 months ago

As I align with the messages on this page, a couple of thoughts came into focus. ~ Next Level Service Experiences (yes, we all have a choice) Given that our economic landscape has greatly differentiated in 2020, over previous years. The opportunities are limitless to offer ‘personalized’ shopping experiences. Be… Read more »