Treat Your Business Like You Treat Relationships

February 4, 2021

“If you treat your business like you treat your relationships, it will flourish.”

While not all relationships are equal in importance, it’s no secret that each of them shapes our lives. Many of the choices we make each and every day are influenced by relationships. We recognize their value, which is why we do anything we can to keep them positive and flourishing. But, do you treat your business like you treat your relationships? If you don’t, you should. After all, your business is a significant relationship in your life, even if you’ve never thought of it as such! If you want to be successful in your business relationship, here are a few things to remember:

  1. Have fun

    Would you stay in a personal relationship that’s always negative and lacking fun? Of course not! Hold your business relationship to the same standard. Be so passionate about your business that you wake up each and every day ready to go to work and have an enjoyable time. Whether it’s a conference, a new customer, or a team meeting, each aspect of your business should bring you some joy. Find the things that excite you the most in your business, and do them more! Remember, joyful times have a way of bringing and keeping people together- the same applies to your business.

  1. Try new things

    How boring would a personal relationship be if you did the same things every time you were together? Trying new things keeps relationships exciting! If you want to see your business relationship flourish, you must adopt this same mindset. Always be open to new experiences and never afraid to put faith over fear when it comes to doing something you’ve never done before.

  1. Show your love, and don’t hold back

    How can you show love in your business? Easy- through marketing. You are your greatest marketer because you know your business the best. Always show and tell people what you’re doing and why you’re excited about it! Never miss an opportunity to be your business’s biggest cheerleader.

  1. Be generous

    Just like you’re generous with those you love, learn to be just as generous to your business! The first step in doing this is to be gracious to yourself. Do things for yourself to show your business the love it deserves. Give back to your business by staying a student. Show up, engage, apply all you learn to your business to make it better. And when you start seeing the fruits of your labor, don’t forget to treat yourself! Get your nails done, plan a vacation, put extra money into your savings account for a rainy day.

  1. Keep your own identity

    You likely hold many titles- mom, dad, sister, brother, wife, husband, the list goes on! But, you are more than these things. Ultimately, your most important title is merely being YOU! No matter what roles you play, you can’t lose sight of who you are and what makes you unique and special. Don’t lose yourself to labels or titles- remember to continue doing the things you love and enjoy to preserve who you are.

Just like there are times when you’re frustrated in your personal relationships, there will also be times you’re frustrated in your business relationships. Trials and tribulations are inevitable, but your love for your business should be stronger than any conflict that may occur. Looking at your business the same way you look at relationships will guide your journey to live life by design.

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