Covid Lessons

March 5, 2021

As we approach 1 year of the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine, it’s time to examine some “Covid Lessons.” While the past year has been different and sometimes difficult, it has also taught me a lot. These Covid lessons are teachings that I will adhere to long after we’re out of this pandemic, and I hope you will too.

Believe in Yourself

In business, there will inevitably be difficult situations that you must overcome. But, one of the keys to being a successful business owner is believing in yourself! And, while confidence is important, I’ve learned a big part of believing in yourself is identifying what you’re not good at or don’t enjoy. This time of isolation taught me that it’s okay to delegate tasks that don’t align with my strengths!

Be the Leader You Encourage Children to Be

Recently I spoke with my children’s school board about adequately developing kids into leaders. I believe in instilling leadership skills into people at a young age. Kids might not be the leader of their football team, cheerleading squad, soccer team, and even in a Fortnite game, but they will be the leader of their homes one day. One day they’ll have careers and own businesses that require leadership skills.

How do we make sure we’re developing our children as leaders? How do we ensure we’re providing them with the skill set needed to succeed in leadership roles? How do we make sure these kids understand that progress AND setbacks are a part of their leadership journey? By leading by example. The same way we encourage children to be leaders, we must encourage ourselves and show them what it means to be a true leader.

Progress Over Perfection

I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that you’re not perfect. The good news is that progress will always triumph over perfection. The most important aspect of leadership will always be progression. You don’t have to be perfect to be a leader. Learn to lead where you’re at. Continue moving forward and working hard to be the best version of yourself each and every day.

Find Joy in What You Do

Each and every day, I find joy in what I do. Do I have bad days? Of course. I have countless days where I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders! As a CEO, most of my days consist of problem-solving. Some of those days, I find myself asking, “why can’t they figure out their own issue?”! Covid has taught me that I must remind myself that I’m doing what I love in these moments! Would I be happier in another profession? Probably not! This is my passion and one of the most fulfilling feelings in the world. I find joy in helping others navigate their lives and their financial situations.

All in all, my good days will always outweigh my bad ones. Ask yourself, do my good days outweigh my bad? Am I genuinely finding joy in what I do? If the answer is yes, embrace the good and bad days and remember your “why.”

Look At Life Through the Lense of a Child

Imagine yourself as a 10-year-old living through this pandemic. Every day, you have no idea what’s going to happen- you don’t know if you’re going to be able to go to school because of a Covid outbreak, and when you are at school, you must wear a mask all day. Along with the stressful changes of simply being an adolescent, now you have the burden of navigating a world that people 5 times your age are struggling to live through. Yet, many kids have managed to stay optimistic this past year- my own children included. I am always amazed at their positive outlook on the pandemic- an outlook that keeps me going! They see the light at the end of the tunnel- they know these hard times won’t last forever. Embrace this optimism, look at life through the lense of a child.

Work Differently

Covid forced me to work differently. Before this pandemic, I was traveling ___ days a year. When the pandemic hit, the traveling halted, and I was forced to establish a new routine. Was it easy? Hell no! But I knew that if I was going to thrive and continue running a successful business, I needed to establish a new and equally fulfilling routine. With this new routine, I discovered that I could still show up for my tribe! I didn’t need to be training in a conference room with 200 attendees to be a present leader. So I got to work and found new ways to lead the Pure Romance community. I ran virtual trainings, I started doing Rise & Grind 5 days a week instead of 1, I used digital communication to pivot and continue being a leader and showing up for my tribe. I worked differently.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

With 40% of Americans still working from home, many people are struggling. More people than ever before are experiencing burnout and Zoom fatigue- I’m guilty! There have been many days when I don’t feel like showing up. But I have to remind myself, my job is much bigger than myself. The community I lead is something keeping many people going. This year taught me to slow down and simplify my life when things become overwhelming. To do less, but make the less so valuable that I end up producing more! To always bring my energy and to be excited about what I do. And when all of that fails, to ask for help. There is no shame in asking for help when needed. You aren’t meant to fight through adversity alone.


If you or someone you know is struggling, please consider contacting the resources below.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline ‘1-800-273-TALK (8255)’

Crisis Text Line by texting HOME to 741741

Trans Lifeline at 877-565-8860 (U.S.) or 877-330-6366 (Canada)

The Trevor Project at 866-488-7386

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