Be A Closer

November 11, 2021

Want to be a seller? You have to be a closer too.

We learn to be sellers of products. How many times did you set up a neighborhood lemonade stand when you were little? You tried out your charm with a big smile and wave to see if you’d get any attention from possible customers. As you got older, you may have signed up to be a Girl Scout and walk door to door in a brown uniform selling over-priced, yet coveted Thin Mints. If you were like some of my friends, you joined the Boy Scouts and tried to sell popcorn to all the school moms. We all knew that one kid who was getting ahead in life by selling popular school items “under the table.” Many of us learned how to strategically sell things through trial-and-error stemming from different childhood experiences. After learning how to be a salesman at a young age, I’ve made note of a few key pointers.

 The #1 Thing to Remember:

You are either a buyer or a seller, no in-between. That means you need to understand your role and practice it well. Start by preparing your sales pitch for a diverse group of clientele to increase your revenue pool. Not everyone is going to be the same age, gender, or from the same region. The sooner you’re able to cater to multiple audiences, the sooner your sales pitch will close the deal.

Three Rules To Follow


1. Listen

When you listen to others, you’re more likely to learn something new that you can implement into your own business habits.

People have mentors for a reason. If you don’t have one already, I challenge you to find someone who fits ideas and values similar to your own. I’ve always been a big fan of Warren Buffett and have learned a lot about selling by listening and reading about his success in business. I’ve also learned that it’s ok to take a break from being the leader and sit in the passenger seat while another person drives. If you sit back and listen, you’ll come out stronger than before.

 2. Believe in your message

As the seller of a product, people are always going to give you excuses for why they “can’t” buy what you’re selling. Maybe someone is hesitant about trying a new skin care regimen because they have sensitive skin. Meanwhile, another person doesn’t want to invest in the product because they aren’t sure if they like one of the ingredients.

When you’re having trouble with a buyer like this, the most important thing you can do is to believe in your message and not let your guard down. Once you show a person that you may have some doubts about the product or are unsure of a certain question, you lose the deal. To be a closer, you have to know the facts and have a positive attitude! Focus on what your product CAN do and become a storyteller by explaining how the product fits into the consumers lives and can make it easier.

 3. Be a team player

Selling is ultimately about collaboration and networking. If you burn bridges with people, are late to meetings, or have a negative mindset, your sales will reflect that. I’ve been in sales long enough to see people at the top of their game make one mistake and boom, they’re struggling to get by. Be there for others because one day when you need help, you will find people who will be there for you.

Marketing and selling is about incorporating healthy habits into your business practice. It can be a competitive environment but if you create enemies instead of alliances, you will only get so far. Find your own version of Warren Buffet, take a ride in the passenger seat, and if all else fails, think of the sales strategies you implemented when you were younger for some inspiration. You’re a seller, but you’re also a closer.



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1 year ago

Maureen c Maxwell
Maureen c Maxwell
1 year ago