Intentions for a New Month

April 29, 2020

Another month is almost over. With only a few days left in April, it’s time to focus on your intentions for May. April was a busy month for everyone—it was full of changes, and the need to pivot was more significant than ever. Whether you successfully pivoted or faced setbacks, a new month means new beginnings and new opportunities to continue striving for your dreams.

Winning May

As we enter May, here are 5 things to be mindful of to win the month:

  1. Be conscious about what you’re absorbing into your mind. Now isn’t the time to take a break. There will be many people encouraging you to rest on your goals in May—remind them that you’re just getting started! Going into the new month, put aside any thoughts that bring out negative emotions. Remember, giving in to negative self-talk and fear won’t push you forward, and you need to move forward to reach your goals.
  2. Work on desire. It’s no secret that the mind works on desire. If fueled by passion, your powerful mind will push you toward your goals. One way to keep your desire alive is by exploring and expanding your business skill set. This simple step showcases your passion to your customer base and helps solidify loyalty.
  3. Have the right sources. What are you doing to stay a student? A frequent block people run into is a lack of knowledge—always keep your mind open. Additionally, are your relationships the right source of positivity? You can’t have positivity in your business if there’s negativity in your relationships. True fulfillment comes once you find the positives in all aspects of your life.
  4. Be consistent and persistent. You don’t work out once in the gym to get the muscles you want—the same applies to business success. Always be consistent with the tasks that push you closer to your goals. Difficulty is inevitable in business but let this drive you! Did you know the crowd booed Jim Carrey off stage at his first show? He didn’t give up! In life, you’ll get knocked down, but the satisfaction of fighting through adversity is so much greater than just laying down.
  5. Don’t feed fear. Fear is false evidence appearing real. Once you feed fear, you lose faith- and when you lose faith, you lose success. Everyone only has two legitimate fears—the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. Unlearn any unnecessary “fears” you’re holding on to.

Go After Your Desires

It’s the end of April. How will you set yourself up to have an amazing May? Continue on this journey. Each and every one of us has a responsibility to go after our desires. Don’t let anyone influence your decisions; make those decisions for yourself! Wake up with the motivation and determination to fight for success each and every day. Rise and grind to make your intentions come true.