Santa’s Suggestions to Sleigh in 2021

December 21, 2020

Presents aren’t the only thing Kris Kringle is delivering this year. He’s sending three simple lessons to help your workplace run smoother and more professionally. If you’re ready to join in the reindeer games, you have to set a glowing example year-round. Here’s how!

Lesson 1: Work hard

Just like the elves at the North Pole, work hard. Performing efficiently and as a team is the best way for a business to be productive (Buddy is killing me. I’ve already got Lum Lum and Choo Choo pulling doubles). If members of your team are working collaboratively and effectively, they are working toward your company’s goals.

Lesson 2: Deliver on time

With the arrival and delivery of a COVID-19 vaccine and a surge of online holiday shopping, deliveries are becoming more difficult to manage. That’s why Santa’s workshop works 24/7/365 to prepare for all contingencies. If the toys aren’t built and wrapped on time, millions of good little boys and girls could wake up crying* on Christmas morning.

In business, showing up on time or turning a project in before deadline should be the norm. Accountability and respect for colleagues and clients are a few of my favorite things.

Lesson 3: Keep your team happy

If the jolly fat man doesn’t keep the elves cheerful, things might get accomplished – but without the magic. Treat your employees with respect and show them gratitude. Your team is the most critical part of your operation – and keeping them merry is a great retention tool. Especially as so many elves want to be dentists.

* You better not cry.

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Heather Carrier
Heather Carrier
3 years ago

Great Advice and a great way to look at it all.

Tammy Cotton
Tammy Cotton
3 years ago

thats a good prospective and it hit home for things i need to work on. All of it is so true

Melissa Theel
Melissa Theel
3 years ago

Thank you hard work dedication