2020: The Year of Hidden Blessings

December 7, 2020

It’s been a year.

No matter how you describe the COVID-19 pandemic, we can agree that is has changed life as we know it. While this year pushed us to our limits in many ways, we persevered. Therefore, let’s take this holiday season to look back at all the joys and memories made in 2020 – and thank those who helped us through.

The year 2020 provides perspective for past and future years. It has taught us not to take life for granted and cherish time spent with family, friends, colleagues and more. We learned that our annual family vacation to Florida might not always happen – or that bumping into sweaty people singing and dancing their hearts out at a concert is something for which to be grateful.

There’s much to miss from pre-pandemic days. A Seattle Times story suggests we’re longing for travel, concerts, hugs and watercooler chats with coworkers. It also reminds us that we don’t miss long commutes and wearing office clothes.

Please make it a point to show gratitude to those who are making 2020 the best that it can be. Thank all the teachers for their endless dedication to online learning. Thank innovative business leaders who turned on a dime to continue serving their clients while helping their employees earn a living. Thank all the individuals who stock shelves and check us out at the grocery. Thanks to the restaurant and bar owners who have endured ever-changing mandates while finding ways to serve our favorite items in new ways. And utmost thanks to the health care workers and first responders who risk their health, safety and lives to take care of our neighbors and loved ones.

Whether you take a quick second to say “thanks” or reach out to an old friend, this is a year to count our blessings.

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Jean Simmons
Jean Simmons
1 year ago

Gratitude is my attitude. If it wasn’t for this pandemic I don’t think I would have seen the value and making it a point to be with my daughters at least once or twice a month as they get older we hit distance ourselves because were always too busy. Now… Read more »