Leaders as Learners

August 19, 2021

Recently, I started using a new wellness supplement. I was interested to try the product because of the benefits but more so because I want to be able to recommend this product to others. But before I can confidently recommend it, people need to be able to trust that I’ve tried it, too. A little thing called truth in marketing. Before I can teach others the benefits of a product, I first have to learn about it myself.

Being your own product tester goes back to the insight that people don’t buy products, they buy people. If you want people to buy products from you and become lifelong customers, you have to put the work in to build a relationship with them and gain their trust. If you haven’t personally tried the product you’re selling, your customers will hesitate to purchase from you. As an entrepreneur, you must be a pioneer and consumer of each product you sell. But, the work doesn’t stop there! It’s vital that you get the people in your inner circle on board. Encourage them to test out your products and to provide their honest opinions. These are the individuals that will serve as your walking and talking testimonials!

Product Intimidation

Something I often hear from entrepreneurs when presented with a new product is, “This product is outside of my wheelhouse! How am I supposed to sell this?” These are people who are afraid of failing, of being vulnerable, and frankly, they’re afraid of saying, “I don’t know.” Believe me – I get it. It can be challenging and time intensive to learn about new things, but it’s important to remain a constant student if you want to succeed. And remember, you will always have naysayers and people in the cheap seats ready to criticize your every move. Use that criticism as your fuel to keep going. After all, your decisions ultimately determine your destiny. You have one opportunity to make your business and reputation shine with each customer – don’t waste it.

Embrace the Unknown

When I think about people embracing the unknown, the first person who comes to mind is Pure Romance Partner, Bethany Ott. You see, Bethany grew up in a conservative household. Her father was a preacher, and she had fears about attending her first Pure Romance party. After encouragement from her sister, she attended that party and realized that all of her fears and hesitations were unwarranted. While the party’s Partner used humor to market and sell products, Bethany started to see herself in her shoes. And where is Bethany now? Well, nine years later, she has used her own humor as a way to educate herself on Pure Romance and embrace the world of sexual wellness. She’s gone from living in a trailer to owning a house and a rental property. Best of all, she’s built lifelong and trustworthy relationships with her team and her customers. She’s found her version of physical wellness, losing 100 pounds since starting her business. She’s one of Pure Romance’s top Partners with a thriving and growing team. Bethany exemplifies what it means to embrace the unknown, learn new things, and become an expert.

Learning is an integral part of being a good leader. You have to be a role model for your team and show them you’re willing to learn so they’re inspired to follow your lead. Evolve so they’ll evolve. But, don’t just tell your team how to evolve – show them exactly how you’re evolving, and your success will encourage them to follow. At the end of the day, being the best entrepreneur is all about embracing being uncomfortable. You have to be willing to get in front of change, not behind it. Play to be revolutionary, not ordinary. Be mindful of the need for change and look for it as a way to rejuvenate your business.

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