The Authority on Women’s Wellness

August 11, 2021

A Blog for Pure Romance Partners

This past weekend, Pure Romance successfully executed our first in-person, large-scale event in over two years. National Training is a time for our sales force to come together to learn new techniques, ask questions and most importantly, network with like-minded business owners.

We welcomed over 2,000 of our Partners to Cincinnati for an experience unlike any they’ve experienced in our two-decade history. Partners in attendance were given the first look of the NEW Pure Romance and got a glimpse of what our future will be.

Plotting our future was thanks, in part, to the global pandemic. In 2020, the world was forced to navigate the most profound disruption in modern history. It was in those initial days of uncertainty when we, at Pure Romance, were forced to stop. This pause allowed us to dive deeper than ever before, to question everything that we knew to be true, and to decide if the path we were on was the path that we wanted to pursue in the future.

Through this time of reflection and discovery, we did an in-depth assessment of all things Pure Romance. And on the other side, we discovered the reason for us — for what we do and why it matters. We discovered something we already knew to be true. That Pure Romance has become the authority for women’s wellness.

So, what makes us the authority? For more than two decades, women have shared their most intimate thoughts, secrets, and shortfalls with us. They’ve trusted us to assist them in finding their most liberated and best selves. So, at our core, we have always been the authority in women’s wellness.

As we recognized our title of authority for women’s wellness, we realized we need to support this all-encompassing role with a clear, concise directive, staying true to our mission to enhance women’s health, specifically sexual health, and never forgetting where we started. We worked with industry experts to elevate our brand to encompass our newly learned insights. At National Training, we shared more than just everyday business updates, we shared an entire new house of brands. And now that National Training has concluded, many Partners asking: where do I go from? With all of this newfound knowledge, new branding, new products, what on earth is my next step?

But here’s the secret: you’ve already been doing the work. Remember the most important motto in sales: people buy people. People buy stories. People buy you. How you present your knowledge of your products when trying to make the sale is as important as the quality of the goods being sold—because at every step of the sales journey, what you’re really selling is yourself.

So as a first, critical step, be sure you are exploring the new branding, the new products and offerings. Don’t just plan to sell the product, utilize it, too. Think about what wellness means to you and be prepared to share your personal experiences with your customers. Because the wellness journey has to start with you. By going through your own transformational journey, you’ll further prove yourself to be the authority on wellness and ensure customers will trust what you have to say.

Your typical tasks haven’t changed. Make sure you host parties, plan events and team meetings. Onboard your new team members and build their confidence.

When considering strategy for new the product launches, make sure you look at people who have bought in that category in the past. Consider, who will be your super users and testers?

But most importantly, don’t stop listening to her. Listen to your customers needs and wants and be there to provide the best products and services to fulfill her. You will be there to help women feel their most alive — from the moment they wake up to the moment they slip into their sheets at night.

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21 days ago

I have been through so many ups and downs in my 41 years of life! This company has helped me realize how important I am and that I need to always take care of myself first! My husband and kids need me to be the best I can be! #seniordirector… Read more »

Erica Chism
1 month ago

I always wondered what it was like to be a part of Pure Romance in 1993 when Patty Brisben launched the business. I was 18 and I often wonder what my Pure Romance career could have been if I had been there day 1 when I first turned 18. Now,… Read more »