The Season of Giving Back

November 22, 2021

It’s the season of giving… back to the customers who supported you and your small business during this past year! These are the people who have bought from you, are on your contact list for potential sales, or just support your business. They are your livelihood. How are you going to show your appreciation?  

When I think about how I’ve given back, my home city, Cincinnati, is at the top of my list. Pure Romance could’ve picked up and moved to any city: Austin, Portland, Atlanta… the choices were endless, but my mom and I decided to stay. This was a strategic decision. We wanted the local community to grow from our business and the countless jobs we created. After many years, we’ve reinvested into the city and created millions of dollars in revenue for local hotels, conference rooms, and restaurants for our Partners.  I helped it grow because it’s the city that made me who I am today.

As I’ve matured with my business, I’ve taken time to focus on developing and growing Living With Change with my wife, Jessica. This is a nonprofit that supports trans youth and their families and gives back to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. I’m beyond grateful that Jessica and I have the resources to help other families in Cincinnati and beyond.

As you can see, giving back  has become intentional in my personal life and it can be intentional in yours too.  Your customers see  they’re not just another statistic or sale, but they are an individual you want to continue your relationship with. No matter what time of the year it is, implement these tips into your business and hope that a customer will shop with you again.

5 Tips for Giving Back

  1. Write thank-you notes

Consider sending a handwritten letter to your top customers or all of them if you’re feeling generous with your time! Thank-you cards aren’t as common as they used to be because they take time, effort, and, sometimes, additional research of their address. If you send customers a card, your brand becomes associated with a deeper level of thoughtfulness and care.  

  1. Throw a party

People miss being together and seeing familiar faces. If you feel comfortable, throw an exclusive party for your top customers. Be sure to offer them products with a larger price cut that you wouldn’t offer to just any old customer. This party will remind them that you value them and appreciate their continuous support.

  1. Send Customers a Special Something

Your customers have invested in you and your company, so why not invest back in them? Find a financially stable way to send a small token of appreciation as a thank-you for their support. Create your own DIY product gift sets with something as small as new product samples to remind them of why they love your company so much.

  1. Call and leave a message

Calling customers is a great way to catch up with them, let them know about any possible sales, and thank them for their support in 2021. If a person doesn’t answer, leave a voicemail that keeps them up-to-date on everything happening with your company. A great business strategy is to go back into your records and ask your previous customer if they need a refill on certain products they bought in the past. 

  1. Give a special discount

Everyone loves a deal! Reach out to your top customers over email, social media, or text and let them know you’re thanking them by giving them a “special” and “exclusive” customer discount. If you don’t feel comfortable throwing an in-person party, this is the next best option! An extra bonus is the possibility to make more revenue and strengthen your relationship with previous buyers.

No matter what time of year it is, you can always implement these tips into your business to create a better relationship with your customers! Giving back allows you to stay connected with your customers which can increase the lifetime value of the relationship you have with them. These steps can be time consuming, and you may have to invest some of your own money, but you could turn a one-time customer into a possible lifetime customer! If I’ve learned anything, to be successful you have to invest in others and continue to give back to your customers. Find your own version of Cincinnati and go the extra mile. Trust me, it will pay off in the end. 

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