Making “Shift” Happen

November 17, 2021

If you’ve joined me on “Rise and Grind” recently, either on Facebook or Zoom, you may have heard me talk about “making shift happen” on a few different occasions. I repeat this during meetings because, as much as entrepreneurs need to hear it, I need to be reminded to make shift happen too.

It’s important to surround yourself with people who practice the motto. If you don’t live by this concept yet, the good thing is there’s always room for growth.

What does it mean to make “shift” happen?

If you make shift happen, you’re adaptable to your environment. Then, when you’re presented with a challenge, you shift your perspective, think creatively, and get the job done. This concept is for the go-getters in the world, the people who are excited to chase the next big thing and implement their ideas to the fullest. I would like to think that my mom, Patty, the leaders in positions of prestige at Pure Romance, and myself are all people who live by this motto daily.

If this concept is foreign and uncomfortable to you, try to look at things in a different way. Pretend you’re part of a soccer team. You’re always sitting on the bench during games, while the rest of your team is out playing. You watch as your teammates adapt to their competitor’s strategy and skill. Meanwhile, your coach continues to bench you, game after game. So, what do you do? Welcome shift into your life and find ways to gradually step outside of your comfort zone. Show your team what you’ve got, whether it’s great defense, foot work, or speed. To succeed, you have to get comfortable being uncomfortable. If you start to make shift happen, you will become an indispensable part of the team and score big.

Shifting in Uncertain and Distracting Times

I’ve battled with how COVID-19 is changing the face of my business. Currently, thousands of Pure Romance products are stuck in a shipping container somewhere across the United States. As much as I would like, I can’t change the outcome of the situation. These circumstances remind me that as much as people try to avoid problems throughout life, new ones will always find a way to creep into your routine.

Where most people fail when shifting is they appear panicked and chaotic under pressure when all eyes are on them. For me, it’s different. Do I panic in front of my peers and appear anxious that the holidays are coming, and some of our inventory hasn’t arrived? No. Maybe I would have when I first started off at Pure Romance, but what I’ve learned over the years is that people feed off the energy present in the room. When you’re the person in charge of it all, you have to remain calm in order to effectively lead and shift the perspective.

Summing It Up

Make shift happen because, in the end, things usually work out. A big reminder we and our panicking peers need to say is “the world isn’t going to end over this one problem.” While I wait for my shipping containers to make it to Ohio, I’ve strategized with my team and pivoted our strategy for success.

Continue to access your goals and how you can shift to be a better team player and reach better end results. Don’t let the coach bench you, fight to be a player in the game. 

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