The Ultimate Success Formula

February 10, 2022

Let’s get one thing straight… we are all searching for success, whether that’s in our relationships, business, and overall wellness. What success looks like is different for different people. I’ve been teaching about the Ultimate Success Formula for years around the country, perfecting what success means for you and your business and how you can achieve it by following a few key steps. One thing I’ve learned on the road is people want success because they fear failure, so they make quick and irrational decisions that eventually come back to bite them. 

Success is about an outcome you desire. If you make quick/irrational decisions, you’re going to steer your car in the wrong direction, end up in a ditch somewhere, and AAA will have to come to your rescue.

Follow these tips to success so you can drive through life with your windows down, listening to your favorite song on the radio, enjoying the view along the way.


  1.         Know Your Outcome: Clarity = Power

How many times have you made decisions in your business because that’s what you thought other people expected of you or everyone else was doing it too? Your business is just that… YOURS! You can follow the mainstream or you can imagine your own outcome and what you want for yourself. This will give you the clarity and power you need to be your own boss.

When I think of the pressure of expectations with personal success, I think of my mom. When she first started, Patty Brisben had a vision that wasn’t supported by a lot of people, but her goals made her into the powerful and independent woman she is today. Compare yourself to others and you’ll never find the outcome that works for you. Find your own path, channel your inner Patty, and become a force to be reckoned with.


  1.         Know Why Your Outcome Is a Must: Purpose = Power

Why is your outcome a must? Are you trying to put food on the table? Are you helping a community in need? Or, is it just the right next step for your business?

If you’ve attended my trainings, you’ve probably heard me ask, “what is your why?” I’ve gotten some pretty entertaining answers in my 20+ years of business, but you’d be shocked if I told you how many people don’t have a clear answer.

If you lack a why, you’ll lack success, and passion will fade. Ever feel burnt out? Maybe you need to reassess your why, so you can channel your power and achieve something great.


  1.         Know What You Are Getting Into

Communication. Is. Everything. Sometimes people make decisions because they think there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Have you ever seen an episode of “Law and Order” or listened to a true crime podcast? The storyline is usually about the main suspect who did something because they thought they were going to get a large reward. In the end, the suspect is cheated out of that reward or isn’t given the agreed upon sum. That’s when it all spins out of control.

“Law and Order” or not, know what kind of business deal you’re getting yourself into, because nothing’s worse than an unexpected outcome and a failing to succeed because of an irrational decision.


  1.         Change Your Approach UNTIL You Get Your Outcome

Remember, the first way of doing things isn’t always the right way. If you find you’re stuck and don’t have any forward momentum to reach your ultimate goals, try something new. It’s ok if your original plan didn’t work out as expected. Sometimes finding success can be about trial and error and you learn and move on. My approach: always try to look at things from different perspectives. Some great ideas have come from it. Be patient but be creative in your process too.  

Remember, change can be automatic, but progress is NOT. Success can be an intimidating idea, but it is possible if you follow these steps and surround yourself with the right people. Apply these four steps to your own life. See the change for the better.

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