6 Habits to Drive Sales

March 23, 2022

I’ve been saying it since the start of 2022 and it’s time people take my word for it… you don’t create a habit overnight. Making habits takes action, endurance, and, sometimes, a hell of a lot of brain power, which can take a lot out of a person. When I was in my early twenties, I was cold calling and showing up at businesses to sell carpeting, it was my first job after college. It didn’t take long for me to experience some of the extreme highs and lows that happen when you put yourself in the center of the sales world. I lived and breathed the challenge of scoring the next big lead of the win of a new customer. 

With my days of selling flooring behind me, I’ve had some time to learn and experience – 25+ years to be specific. Pure Romance helped me cultivate and build healthy sales habits and it has also taught me the importance of being creative and flexible when working in sales. Now, as a leader of an entire salesforce across the U.S. and beyond, it’s only fair that I share my knowledge so you can be an expert in business and sales.

Habits to Build a Better YOU

  1.        Be Prepared
  • If you’re the person who’s always running late to events, PLEASE:

(a)   pre-pack your car with any inventory, decorations, etc.

(b)  fill up the tank the night before

(c)   layout what you’re planning on wearing and double check that it’s business appropriate

(d)  pack any snacks or meals you’ll need for the next day

If you’re late to something, appear flustered, or interrupt an event, people will remember you for that and over time it will have a negative impact on your sales.

  • Do you always have product and a business card on you? Your purse, pockets, and trunk should be your new best friend! Instant gratification is what people crave in today’s world. You’re more likely to make a sale if you get product in people’s hands ASAP! 
  • Dress for the part. I’ve met thousands of people who are amazing at running a business, but when it comes to looking put together, it’s not business appropriate to wear joggers and a tank top. Pinterest, Facebook, and YouTube are great platforms that can help you find inspiration on what you should and shouldn’t wear to a professional event.
  1.         Connect Regularly

Did you know that 44% of salespeople give up on a potential customer after one follow-up? If you want to up your sales game and close the deal, remember that 80% of sales are made between the fifth and 12th time you connect with a person.

Forget what the word “no,” means. Dust yourself off and try and try again. What makes a connection truly successful is making it personal. Remember the name of a potential customer’s significant other, where they’re from, if they have kids, and, always, keep a birthday list handy. The more information you know about a person, the more you can make an informative sale by personalizing  products that will help them in their own life.

  1.         Find Time

Year after year, people are always telling me that they don’t have large chunks of time to devote to their business or side hustle. Reframe your mindset. How much of your life is spent waiting? You wait in a grocery store line, at school pickup, for the laundry to finish, and some of us still sit through commercials waiting for our favorite show to come back on. These small quantities of time spent waiting add up. Challenge yourself to spend time differently, whether that means responding to emails, checking your social media for new leads, responding to texts, or developing creative, shareable content about your products. And it’s all about scheduling your day. Get up early, make a plan, and rock it.

  1.         Know Your Product

People who KNOW their product, are users of their product. When you become a product user, you develop a relationship with it and become a better marketer when trying to sell it to others. People who can tell a meaningful, personal story are the ones who will find themselves with lifelong customers ready to support them in business. The key to product marketing is to explain to the customer how this will solve a problem or enhance an area of their lives.

  1.         Keep Promises

Remember when I said people will notice you if you’re late to something? they’ll also remember you if you break a promise. Unexpected things happen in business and it’s impossible to live up to everyone’s expectations, even if you try your hardest. If you find you can’t keep a promise, as hard as it is, you have to be completely upfront with that person. Honesty may be uncomfortable but, in the end, it will create a baseline of trust between you and a customer. 

  1.         Expand Your Network

You’re always a seller and you never know who you’ll meet around the next corner. My mom, Patty Brisben, is the perfect example of someone who was always ready to make a sale, whether she was in the grocery store parking lot or at one of my football games. Her secret: she carried a yellow notepad everywhere she went. She’d be out somewhere, spark up a conversation, and if she thought she had a potential lead or someone interested in her products, she’d write down the person’s name/contact information and reach out to them later.

I’ll be completely honest. You can’t conquer all these habits at once. I suggest starting with one that you see as your largest weakness and building your strengths from there. Selling is a whole process with highs and lows. Find your highs with these 6 habits and challenge your lows. Everything is a process – commit, stay focused, set goals, and you’ll be as good as gold.


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6 months ago

This is really valuable. Your perspective on sales makes so much sense; it’s all about persistence, opportunity, and goal-driven habits. Thank you!