Chasing the Change

April 29, 2022

When you’re spending 30 hours on a plane flying back from an amazing birthday week in Australia, you can catch up on a lot of TV. I, myself, got really into USA’s “Queen of The South.” It’s the story of one woman’s rise to power in America’s narcotics empire. In the age of way too many cartel shows, this one really stood out to me.

The drive and grit displayed by the main character, Teresa, honestly reminds me of countless Pure Romance Partners. I know hundreds of “Teresas” who have started small and climbed great heights, thanks to endless determination and the ability to adapt over time. Our most successful partners operate with a mindset that can be best summed up with this quote from the show: “Everyone has a right to the throne, if they can take it.”

Your throne is always available to you. Whether or not you claim it depends on whether you’re willing to take those bigger steps. Not only that, but you need to be willing to make the changes necessary to take those steps.

In life, the opportunity for change is inevitable. Growth is the decision you make when presented with that opportunity. If you don’t take advantage of those, you’ll either get left in the dust or always live life wondering what if. If you’re willing to make those changes, the results and rewards will snowball, presenting you with more opportunities and gradually bigger chances at success.

That was one of my big takeaways from my trip down under. Those Aussies tell it like it is and they are chomping at the bit for the next steps and newest opportunities. The tried and true is tried and true for a reason, but the returns diminish as the times change.

Don’t get me wrong. Change can be scary. When change happens, personal growth happens and that can be intimidating on paper. It takes a lot of guts. As Teresa says, “no one gives you a manual on how to be the boss, so every difficult decision falls on you.”

That sounds overwhelming. Luckily, not every change has to be life changing. You can make a bunch of small changes. Up your monthly sales goal by a couple thousand dollars. Reach out to more potential clients than usual. Schedule more social media posts. In the long run, that snowball effect will happen naturally. It’s the little things that lead to big results.

I’ve come to notice three types of Pure Romance Partners. There are the social Partners, who keep it cozy. They host parties for family and friends and bring in a couple thousand dollars a year. Then there are business Partners, who stray from home base to widen their influence and make more money. Finally, there are the entrepreneurs, who have made their own empire.

These three types exist on a spectrum of ambition and approach. Your position on that spectrum depends on your level of complacency. Is this your hobby? There’s nothing wrong with that. Is this your empire? Then it’s time to assess your approach to your business and the changes you need to make moving forward. Are there things you’re not doing? Are there new ways to do business that you haven’t tried yet? It’s time to ask and answer those questions.

Obviously, I don’t condone the lifestyle of a cartel kingpin. That said, there are some things to take from Teresa Mendoza’s trajectory in “Queen of The South.” Change on a personal and professional level can embolden you and open your eyes to your true capabilities. Once you know your truest potential and what it takes to achieve it, the throne is yours.


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